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Woodcarver Profile: Robert Stadtlander

Robert's fascination for woodcarving started at a very young age, but it wasn't until after graduating from college that he started woodcarving as a hobby. After carving for approximately 30 years, Robert now specializes in scenic relief carving and caricature carving. Robert has been trained in various carving styles by nationally renowned carvers, however he is mostly self-taught.

The urge to create minute details of the world on wood in Stadtlander's family was not only passed down, but rather handed up. About 30 years ago, his father and younger brother began carving. Robert started with Swiss style chip carving and then caricatures. He also enjoys carving spirit faces in carving and realistic human figures in the round. While other woodcarvers have gone high-tech, using power tools and saws, Stadtlander prefers the in-hand feel of age-old tools. Robert's preferred wood is basswood, but finds many other types of wood interesting to carve.

Robert has won numerous awards in many Northeast and Midwest woodcarving shows where he exhibits widely. Robert has been awarded best-of-show at the Erie County Fair (Buffalo, NY) Georgia National Fair, Sunrise Side Woodcarving Show (Oscoda, Michigan), Mohawk Valley Woodcarving Show (Albany, New York), the Catatonk Valley Woodcarving Show (Candor, New York), Cook Forest Woodcarving Show (Cooksburg, PA), and the Wonders in Wood Show (Dover, Ohio.) Robert has taken on a variety of commission work, but also does much freelance work. Many of his carvings are contained in private collections.

Robert promotes the art of woodcarving and has taught woodcarving workshops around the country since 1994. Robert's membership affiliations include the National Woodcarvers Association, Southtowns Woodcarvers of Western New York, Catatonk Valley Woodcarvers of Candor, NY, Wellsville Whittlers of Wellsville, NY, Oglebay Woodcarvers of Wheeling, WV, Great Lakes Woodcarvers of Cleveland, OH, and the Tree City Woodcarvers of Kent, OH. Robert feels that clubs are a great place to exchange ideas for both new members and seasoned veterans alike.

In addition to teaching classes, Robert offers woodcarving supplies through his on-line store and manages unique woodcarving products which included his line of roughouts.

Robert now teaches several classes each year to impart his skills on others who are interested. 99 do not like to confine myself, as there are endless possibilities. With woodcarving, you see things that you never thought could be done." Born and raised in Northeastern Ohio, Robert currently resides at 2951 Frost Road in Mantua, OH and has spent most of his life as a quality engineer.


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